3 Great Tips That Can Be Used When Searching For Mailing Tubes For Sensitive Documents

Posted on: 14 November 2019

When it comes to shipping important documents that deal with personal information, mailing tubes are an incredible resource. They provide plenty of protection as your documents get shipped to the correct recipient. There are many of these tubes available today, but you can make the right selection by keeping these tips in mind. 

Assess Document Size

There is quite a size variety for mailing tubes today. Some are almost a foot long, while others are a mere two inches. You thus need to make sure you choose the right size so that your documents fit perfectly and don't get scrunched up.

The best thing you can do is to take measurements of your documents. Width dimensions do matter so much since the documents are being rolled up, but you do need to gather the length dimensions in inches. With this figure, you'll have a better idea of what tube size to get.

Choose a Solid Material

If you're sending documents with sensitive information in them, then you need to make sure no one can read them while they're in the mailing tubes. 

In this case, you would need a mailing tube with a solid material construction. Conversely, clear tubes will let people set what information is on the documents, and then you could have a fraudulent claim on your hands.

So that this doesn't happen, make sure the material the tubing is made of is completely solid. Black mailing tubes, for example, can provide your sensitive data with extra security while being mailed. 

Opt For a Strong Seal

So that your documents are not vulnerable to falling out of the mailing tube and then ending up in the wrong hands, you need to opt for a strong seal. There are many ways mailing tubes can be sealed today.

One of the most common is a cap. You can order a special cap for the end that completely seals off the tube. Just make sure that if you go with this option, the cap is the correct size. Also, you might consider wrapping clear tape around the sides for additional protection. Then, your caps will stay in place no matter what. 

When you need important documents shipped with extra security in mind, mailing tubes are the go-to solution. As long as you take your time assessing the various options and getting important details down right, then you should have no issues during the shipping process.