Different Businesses That Might Want To Install A Water Softener And Why

Posted on: 14 January 2020

Water softeners are commonly thought of as a residential appliance. You buy one knowing that you have hard water and that that hard water is doing a world of hurt to pipes and other appliances in your home. However, businesses can also purchase and utilize water softeners. Here are a few examples of businesses that can really benefit from water softeners and why. 


Imagine dozens of washing machines going all day, every day. Thousands of loads of laundry are washed in a month. Now imagine what it costs to run that laundromat when you have nothing but hard water running through the pipes and running in those machines. You will be replacing pipes and washing machines far more often than you would like, which dips into your profit margins heavily. If you install a water softener in the laundromat, the pipes run clear and the washing machines will not be exposed to the buildup of lime and calcium that can choke up the machines and cause them to rust and break down. Additionally, your customers will be able to use far less soap to wash their laundry when softened water is running in your machines. 

Beauty and Barber Shops

How many heads of hair do you think beauticians and barbers wash in a year? How many dye jobs, perms, and relaxer jobs do you think they rinse out in their rinsing sinks? Chances are high that they could give a laundromat a run for their money when it comes to water usage.

That said, these professionals already know that hard water causes a lot of buildup on hair, making hair appear more greasy and unkempt and quite a mess. Hard water does not wash out well, and clients complain of having to wash their hair much more often and use a lot more hair care product. Barbershops and beauty salons try to practice what they preach about hard water and hair cleansing by installing water softeners in their shops. If you own a barber or beauty shop, consider installing a water softener in your shop. 


If a restaurant does well, it has hundreds of dishes, silverware, pots, and pans to wash every day. It uses water to fill soda fountains and ice machines, too. If the restaurants are not using softened water, they will be replacing dishwasher and sanitation systems every couple of years, as well as replacing their ice and soda pop machines. Eventually, if owners can keep a restaurant going, they may end up replacing pipes once a decade as well because of all the hard water they have been using. Softened water obliterates most of those issues or at least extends the time out when things will need to be repaired or replaced. 

To learn more, contact a water softener supplier.