A Look at Choosing Between Batt and Spray Foam Insulation for Your Room Addition

Posted on: 20 January 2020

When you build a room addition to your home, you must consider how you'll keep the room warm or cool so it's comfortable. This decision entails connecting the room to your current HVAC system or installing an independent climate-control method in the additional room. Plus, you have to think about the type of insulation you'll use. Here's a look at choosing between batt and spray foam as insulation.

Applying Insulation to a Room Addition

When you're building a room, the walls are open, so it's a great time to add insulation. Both fiberglass batt and spray foam can be used on open walls, so either of these is a good choice. Your decision could be based on whether you want to install the insulation yourself or let a contractor do it. Plus, the price could come into play.

Installing Batt Insulation

Fiberglass batt or blankets come in standard sizes that make it easy to install without having to do a lot of cutting. However, the material is easy to cut when needed. Mineral wool is an alternative to fiberglass that is supplied and installed in the same way. These materials are ideal for DIY installation since they are easy to work with. However, a big benefit of blanket insulation is the low cost when compared with other options. Plus, this type of insulation has been used for decades and has a proven record of being effective at insulating homes.

Having Spray Foam Applied

Spray foam isn't as DIY friendly as batt insulation. You'll probably want to hire a contractor to apply the spray foam so it's done correctly. The foam expands and dries fast, so if a mistake is made, it's difficult to correct it. Spray foam is also more expensive, but the cost could be worth it since it offers superior energy efficiency. The reason spray foam insulates well is that the foam expands and flows into cracks and up against the studs to form a seal that blocks air leaks.

A benefit of spray foam besides insulating the room well for climate comfort is that it muffles sound. If your new addition will be a bedroom that faces a busy street, school, or parking lot, then the soundproofing offered by the spray foam could provide a quieter atmosphere for sleeping and napping. If you plan to use the room addition for a home theater, then the soundproofing allows you to turn up the volume of your movies and music without disturbing others in your house or your neighbors.

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