A Shake Flashlight Might Just Be The Best Emergency Light For You

Posted on: 21 January 2020

Shake flashlights are not a new idea, and the technology they use simple electrical theory, but there are some benefits to having one around. As an emergency light, a shake light might be the best emergency light you have, mainly if you have limited resources available to you.

What Is A Shake Light?

A shake light is a hand-held light that uses basic electrical generation to create electricity, so you do not need to charge the light, and there are no batteries inside it. The light has a coil in the body of the handle and a magnet mounted on a shaft in the center so it can move when you shake the flashlight. 

When the magnet moves through the winding of the coil, electricity is created much the same way early generators did with a coil and spinning magnets. The coil stores the electricity, and the bulbs use the power directly from the coil. 

If the light starts to fade, all you need to do it shake it some more to repower the coil. 

Construction Of The Light

Most shake lights use a plastic body that acts as an insulator. The bulbs are commonly LEDs because they draw very little power, and the life of an LED bulb can be one-hundred thousand hours in many cases. They are lightweight, and the plastic body can be very durable, so dropping the light or packing it in a backpack or go bag until you need it is typically not a problem.

You can find shake lights at camping and outdoor stores as well as home centers and online. If you are going to use the shake light as an emergency light, look for one that is sealed so you can use it in any environment without concern. 

Things To Consider

When you are looking for a shake light, keep in mind they are environmentally friendly because they have no battery, but they do not have the amount of charge you get from batteries, so the light may not be as bright. Look the light over carefully and try shaking it to build up some power, then look at the light beam.

If the light requires a lot of shaking to generate a small amount of electricity, you may want to consider a different brand. Make sure you ask about how long the charge lasts and find a high-quality light, so that is works when you do not have other resources available to you. 

Spending the money on a shake light and having it not work when you need it is frustrating and could be the difference between having light and not. 

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