Can't Find a Job? Try These 4 Strategies

Posted on: 21 January 2020

If there's one thing that's true in this world, it's that everyone needs a job. Yet, finding employment can be harder than you'd think. You've replied to a few "help wanted" ads, but to no avail. Don't give up just yet Here are some other strategies to help you find employment.

1. Work for a temp agency.

One option is to register with a temp agency. Typically, they will find short-term positions with companies that need employees for a month or a few months. You will technically be an employee of the temp agency and will be paid by them. However, some companies that hire temp workers do eventually hire those workers as full-time employees. You might work a couple of temp positions for a year or two, but eventually, you'll likely end up at a company that wants to keep you on full-time.

2. Attend networking events.

Look for networking events in your industry. You may find these posted on social media sites or even on your city's website. The secret is not just to attend, but to interact with people in your industry. Let everyone you meet know that you are looking for employment. You never know who might be looking for someone and be interested in hiring you. People tend to be more interested in hiring others they have met in-person. Some employers may attend these networking events primarily as a way to meet potential employees in a low-stress setting.

3. Go to a job fair.

Call your local university and see if they have any job fairs going on. Although these job fairs may be mostly attended by students, most are technically open to the public. At the fair, there will be tables set up by various employers. You can meet with them and discuss their companies' needs. Bring copies of your resume so you can pass them on to employers you meet. With any luck, you'll get a call back for an interview or two after the fair.

4. Call companies directly.

Another option is to look for companies you're interested in working at and cold call them. Ask if they are hiring and say you would like to drop off a resume. You might not get a callback immediately, but it's worth a try. You'd be surprised how many people land their dream job just by calling and asking for it.

If you're ready to work with a temporary job placement service, contact a few like Employment Source.