Create A Romantic And Aesthetically Pleasing Setting For Your Reception

Posted on: 11 February 2020

A backyard wedding and reception can be very romantic, especially if your residence is situated in a picturesque setting that you and your spouse enjoy spending time in. Rent a tent and have it erected on your land to provide your guests with plenty of space to enjoy themselves throughout the celebration of your marriage.

Choose A Tent Style, Color, And Size

A pole tent with a high-pitched ceiling and shimmery wall panels can be secured to the ground, or you can choose a framed style that will be self-supporting if you decide to set up the tent on a patio or a paved surface. Choose a traditional white color, which symbolizes the beginning of your union, or go with a non-traditional choice and choose a soft rose, taupe, or pale blue-colored structure.

Before you rent a tent, make your guest list. Have an idea of how many people will be attending, the size of the dance area, whether or not you would like to create a makeshift bar area, and the manner in which the sound system will be set up. You don't want to short change yourself by choosing a small tent style and then realizing that you will not have enough room for everyone to mingle throughout the evening. 

Pick The Accessories You Will Need

If you have a gazebo, garden trellis, or decorative water feature that you would like to include in the party's layout, plan on having the tent erected nearby the aesthetical item or items that you prefer. Being in close proximity to outdoor features will encourage your guests to walk around the grounds or take group photos that include the decorative items.

If your property is lacking the touches that you desire, rent a trellis or an arbor and have it set up next to one of the tent's openings. Some additional accessories that you may need are large tables that can be used to hold food, a bar and stools, lighting, air conditioning or heating units, a temporary floor, and dining tables and chairs. All of these items may be secured through the same company that you select for your tent rental and delivery.

Set Up A Separate Area For A Band Or A Catering Crew

The band and catering crew that you hire will be pretty busy throughout the reception and may appreciate having a separate area that they can utilize while handling the jobs that they were hired for. Some canopies can be installed to create an area that is separate from the one where the festivities are taking place. Keep in mind that you will want the band and catering crew to be located near the main tent so that they can conveniently access it.

To learn more, contact a tent rental company.