A Guide To Posting Bail Following An Arrest

Posted on: 19 February 2020

Since jail for most people is a nightmare come to life, you should do all that you can to make the nightmare end as quickly as possible. The only way to do this is by getting a bail bond from an agent that you find to be trustworthy. Letting a bail bond agent handle the work for you is the easy part. The more difficult part is getting an understanding of the system and hiring the bail bond agent that is the best choice. 

Thankfully, you can read the points in this article to make this decision just a little bit easier. Keep reading and touch base with some bail bond professionals that can get you out of jail.

Do your homework until you find the right bail bondsman for the job

Any bail bond agent you hire should have no problem providing their credentials and explaining the process to you. This also offers you peace of mind, so you can avoid some of the scams that people fall into. Some examples of bail bond agent scams include taking payments by phone and failing to offer a contract. Once you have gotten the chance to make a call, don't sign off on anything until the bail bond agent shows up. 

That way, you can speak with them face to face and hear what they have to offer. Make sure that any bail bond agent that you hire is incredibly familiar with the court system where your case will take place.

Get to know how the legal system works, and what this means for your bail

After your arrest, you will soon be issued a bail hearing, where the judge lets you know how much it'll cost to get you out. That could take place right away if a magistrate is present, or you might have to wait until the next day court is held. On top of paying whatever amount you are ordered, you also have to agree to terms of your release. This means holding down a steady job, staying at the address you put on file with the courts, and most importantly — showing up to the court date.

Once you post bail, your bail bond agent will require you to put up collateral in the form of cash, property, or other terms. Make sure that you honor the bail after it is posted so that you don't become responsible for the entire bond amount and so that you stay out of any further trouble with the courts. 

Follow these tips and consult with some bail bond agents today.