What To Look For When Ordering Custom Jewelry Displays

Posted on: 30 June 2020

Jewelry displays are an important part of any jewelry retail business. They hold the merchandise that brings customers in the door and they reflect your business as a whole with key functionality and design. There are many things to think about when deciding what jewelry displays to order and from where.

The Jewelry Display Company

What company you choose to order your jewelry displays from will have a large effect on the displays themselves. You will need to review your own business capabilities and needs before finding the right companies that can provide them for you. For example, local companies can offer better prices on shipping, but larger companies can offer more choices for your displays.

Additionally, some companies are better at high-end displays meant for a large retail store, while others are more experienced in mall kiosk jewelry displays. Many companies will have a page where they display previous designs for prospective customers. Once you have reviewed which companies best fit your needs, you can narrow it down from there.

Narrowing down the list of companies will most likely be an easier task than trying to find what companies have the most experience in your specific kind of jewelry displays. The typical advice for choosing any business to serve yours applies here — check their online reviews, ask other jewelry retailers what they've heard or their experiences, and pay attention to the quality of the company's customer service, facilities, and website. These will all help you determine the ability of a company to properly make your displays.

The Designs Themselves

Once you have chosen your company, you will need to determine what design you want within the capabilities of the custom jewelry display producer you have chosen. The jewelry itself will help determine what displays you need. For example, if you specialize in gold jewelry, then you can focus on display mannequins in colors that coordinate with the gold jewelry such as dark greys. On the other hand, if you specialize in silver, then you may not want the dark greys as it can hide the qualities of the silver.

Your storefront's entire design is also a major part of your display needs. For example, display mannequins can fit well into a more classic overall design for a storefront with a lot of wood and warm lighting. However, if you choose stand displays, then you may want to be careful not to over-coordinate your entire business by creating a very bright white and glassy storefront.

Overall, jewelry display cases are just one part of designing a storefront that can attract the customers you plan to market toward. Different companies will have different abilities to handle your custom needs, and you should choose which custom design business you want to work with based on the designs you want. Look for a local company that provides custom jewelry displays