Three Places To Use Backlit Signs

Posted on: 27 October 2020

When you decide to replace some of your business's signs, you want to be aware of all of the different options that are available to you. Many people favor backlit signs, which are available in a variety of styles. Known for having lights mounted behind the sign, backlit signs cast a glow around the sign that you and your customers or clients may find appealing. One thing that you'll appreciate about this type of signage is how you can use it in many different areas. Here are three places that you can use backlit signs.

Exterior Of Your Building

Many businesses use backlit signs on the exteriors of their buildings. This placement works well because the backlit nature of the sign helps to make it highly visible. At night, you can be confident that people will be able to see your sign — even from a distance. This is especially true if you mount the sign high on one of the exterior walls. For example, a backlit sign toward the top of the wall on a two- or three-story building will be even more visible to people in the area.

Lobby Of Your Building

While there are many different signage options that you can think about for the lobby of your building, a backlit sign is a good choice for this area. Not only will this type of sign add a welcome source of light to the lobby, but its high degree of visibility can also be useful. For example, if your business operates in a building that it shares with other organizations, an easy-to-see backlit sign in your lobby will immediately tell people who are visiting your business for the first time that they're in the right area.

Outside Of Individual Rooms

People often think of backlit signs as being large, which can make them a good choice for a building's exterior. There's a good chance that your custom sign company can also produce small backlit signs, which will allow you to use this type of signage in a variety of other areas. For example, you might favor backlit signs outside of individual rooms throughout your building. In an office, this type of signage can add a unique look to the space outside of a boardroom, for example. Your custom sign company can show you examples of a variety of backlit signs, which can help you to decide what products you want.

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