Reasons To Consider Becoming A Gun Range Member

Posted on: 14 January 2021

For a firearms enthusiast, making a visit to a local indoor gun range provides an opportunity to work on your skills while also conversing with other individuals who share your interest in this pastime. While there's nothing wrong with dropping into a gun range when you wish, another option is to think about buying a membership. Many indoor ranges have various memberships that are available, so it's worthwhile to browse your range's website or speak to an employee during your next visit to learn more. While the membership perks can vary from range to range, here are some reasons to consider becoming a member at your local range.

Extended Hours

Many gun ranges operate with standard business hours, but also offer more flexibility for their members. As is often the case at gyms, members are free to visit at their preferred time—24 hours a day, in some cases. Members will often have an access card that will get them in at a time of their choosing. If you do shift work and it's difficult for you to get to your local range during the daytime, becoming a member can give you the flexibility to visit whenever it's convenient with your schedule. This might be in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning. Whatever the case, you'll appreciate being able to fit in more visits.

No Time Limits

When non-members visit gun ranges, they generally book a specific block of time. For example, some people may favor 60 minutes, while others feel that 30 minutes are suitable. When you're a member, your range may remove time limits for you. This means that if you want to take a longer time because you're practicing with a new firearm, you have the ability to do so without the session costing you more.

Guest Access

A membership at a gun range will often allow you to visit with a friend who isn't a member and have the friend pay less than they would for visiting alone. If you have an acquaintance who enjoys shooting but doesn't currently wish to become a member, you can still visit the range together without spending too much money. Your visit will be covered under your membership, and your friend will typically pay just a nominal amount to use the range for a specific period of time.

Learn more about memberships by visiting your local indoor gun range.