Tips To Remember Before Drilling A New Well

Posted on: 18 January 2021

Are you moving out to the countryside and looking to create your own water supply? Perhaps you live in a rural area and are sick of paying a water bill to the local town or city every month. Likewise, maybe you just want cleaner, more natural water than what you feel the local supply is providing. These are all good reasons to start looking into well drilling on your property. However, actually drilling a new well is not a simple process and you'll want to make sure you understand what you should do before work begins. To that end, here are some tips to remember to ensure you get started the right way when adding a well to your property.

Get Help to Identify the Right Location

You might already know that you want to build a well on your property, but do you know the best location to start digging? A local surveying office may be able to be of some assistance in this area, helping you identify a prime location to begin digging or drilling. If you are buying a new piece of land, get a survey done to make sure it has the water source you desire.

Determine How Deep You Want or Need to Go

The further down you need to drill or dig, the more the well installation and setup is likely going to cost. That said, you don't want to dig or drill too shallow and not get a high-quality supply. A well drilling company may be able to help you assess your situation and make the right call when it comes to the depth you need to get to for installation of your new well.

Do You Need a Permit or Other Paperwork?

Finding the right location does not always mean you can just start drilling. You may need to file a special permit with the town or other paperwork before you can legally add a well to your property. You don't want to find out that you are in violation of some local law or regulation after work has already begun. You should also identify where your town's service lines are located and make sure your drilling is not going to damage these lines.

Contact a Professional Well Drilling Company

For best results, contact a local well drilling company. They can help you identify the best location to get started and give you some tips or best practices to follow when it comes to the permits or paperwork. Contact a well drilling company for more information.