How To Keep Military Rank Metal Pins From Tarnishing

Posted on: 29 April 2022

If you're in the military and are ever awarded a rank metal pin, it's important to keep this pin in great condition for as long as you can. It means something important to your military career after all. Thanks to these steps, you can easily keep your military rank pins from tarnishing. 

Apply a Protective Coating

If you have a military rank pin that isn't covered in a protective coat, go ahead and apply one of your own. That's going to help you enjoy a long-lasting pin that you won't have to touch up constantly. Just make sure that when you look for a proactive coating, you verify it's compatible with your pin's material.

That's going to help you get it to stay on for a lot longer. Also try getting a coating that protects your military rank pin from a lot of different elements, including heat, UV rays, and water. Then it won't matter where your military activities take you. The pin you're wearing will keep its beautiful luster.

Use Toothpaste For Polishing

It's a good idea to polish your military rank metal pins every now and then because that's going to help you protect the surface, as well as keep it looking new for years. You don't have to invest in expensive polishing agents, though. Toothpaste will work just fine and it's probably something you already have.

The reason why it's so effective at polishing military rank metal pins is that it has a mildly abrasive nature, which will help you remove impurities and debris found on your pins. As long as you stay consistent with using toothpaste as a polishing agent, your metal pins' visuals won't be as prone to fading. 

Place on Cloths When Storing

If you plan on storing your military rank metal pins to keep up with them better, then you need to make sure you place them on pieces of cloth. That's going to prevent them from scratching and damaging over time. 

Whether you put the military rank metal pins on a wooden shelf or just out on display on a desk, cloths will keep the pins' surface perfectly intact. You can even wrap your pins in cloth to provide even more protection.

If you're looking to keep military rank metal pins from tarnishing quickly over the years, you have to be conscious of the things you do when cleaning and storing these pins. That's all it takes to keep them in phenomenal shape.  

For more information about army specialist rank insignia pins, contact a local seller.