The Open Penis Ring: What It Is, How It Works, And Why

Posted on: 17 January 2020

Penis rings are perhaps one of the adult sex toys that get the least amount of attention, but they are an excellent example of a male embellishment that can enhance the sexual experience for both partners. Most people associate penis rings with a ring that encloses fully around the base of the penis. However, the open penis ring is a new take on an old favorite that operates a bit differently. Here is a look at what the open penis ring is, how it works, and why they are a valuable tool to add to your sex toy collection. 

The Open Penis Ring Explained 

The open penis ring slips around the shaft of the penis much the same as the regular ring does. However, instead of having a full circle shape, the ring is open on one side almost like a ring that is designed to be adjustable that you wear on your finger. The open ends of the ring are capped with small embellishments to keep the edges of the ring from digging into the skin while the ring is in place. The open ring is also often made to be somewhat adjustable; it will bend open and closed slightly so the user can adjust the tightness aptly for their own needs. 

How the Penis Ring Works 

Penis rings are primarily used to help the wearer maintain an erection. When blood flow enters the penis due to arousal, it should stay put for a bit. However, once an erection starts to subside or arousal wanes, the blood flow that causes the engorgement can retreat. With a penis ring around the base of the penis, it holds the blood flow in place a bit longer to maintain the erection longer. For guys who have issues with either premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction, the ring can help tremendously. 

Why the Opening in the Open Penis Ring 

The opening in an open penis ring is in place for a few reasons. For one, the ring can be adjusted to appropriately fit the shaft at the right tightness for effectiveness for the male wearer. Every man is different; some guys like the ring to be tighter than others. The opening can also be positioned so that the more sensitive areas of the penile shaft are still exposed so there is no interference with pleasure while the ring is in place. These rings can also have ball-like embellishments that apply a gentle amount of extra pressure to precise areas during intercourse.