Managing Your Businesses Mobile Devices

Posted on: 18 January 2020

Mobile devices can be essential tools for your business. However, it can also be a major investment to provide all or most of your workers with the mobile devices that they will need to be as efficient and productive as possible.

Avoid Waiting Until the Devices No Longer Work to Cycle Them Out

One assumption that businesses will often make is assuming that they should only worry about replacing their mobile devices once they are no longer working. However, this can lead to productivity issues as the aging mobile devices may not be powerful enough to keep up with the updates that the applications your employees will be using must receive. While they may still be able to run these applications, it might be much slower and less reliable than what the employees would prefer. By having a plan to cycle these devices out of use once they reach a couple of years old, you can ensure your employees have access to the necessary tools.

Have a Plan for Disposing of Old Mobile Devices in an Efficient Way

For businesses with a large number of employees, upgrading and otherwise cycling out older mobile devices can lead to situations where there will be a need to dispose of many of these devices. This can actually be somewhat of a challenge as disposing of electronics will usually require special processing to avoid harming the environment. Due to this reality, businesses should have a plan for recycling or selling older mobile devices. In many instances, this may allow the business to recover some of the costs that it had to spend on mobile devices.  

Properly Insure the Mobile Devices

While your business can plan for replacing mobile devices that are approaching the end of their usable life, it can be much harder to plan for these devices being destroyed or otherwise suffering damage that will prevent them from being used. When this occurs, the business will need to spend capital to replace these devices to avoid disruptions for its employees. Luckily, it can be possible for businesses to insure the mobile devices that their employees use. In the event that these devices are destroyed or stolen, the business may be able to file an insurance claim to receive compensation for these expensive losses. Enterprises that must regularly send employees into the field with mobile devices will find this insurance particularly valuable as these employees can be the most likely to damage these devices. 

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