Using A Staffing Agency To Find Construction Jobs

Posted on: 20 January 2020

Construction sites will require large numbers of workers to be completed. As a result, there can be many openings that will need to be staffed. For those that are looking for hiring construction jobs, there are staffing services that can make it much easier for these individuals to find work. 

Myth: Construction Job Placement Agencies Only Accept Highly-Skilled Craftsmen

Individuals might assume that construction job placement services will only be interested in workers that are highly skilled in crafts or trades. However, it is a reality that these sites will also require a number of general laborers. This can make it possible for individuals with little to no experience in this field will still be able to find work. However, it should be noted that these will typically be the lowest-paying positions, and individuals that invest in learning a trade will be able to earn much higher wages and potentially find more employment opportunities.

Myth: It Will Be Expensive To Go Through A Construction Staffing Service

Some individuals might be hesitant about going through a construction staffing service due to assuming that there will be expensive fees that must be paid. Yet, the worker that is using these services will usually not be responsible for the fees of the service. Rather, it is common for the company that is needing to use the service for workers to pay these fees. As a result, those that are wanting to use these services to find employment can avoid potentially prohibitive fees.

Myth: Construction Staffing Services Only Provide Temporary Work Opportunities

It is very common for contracting firms to use staffing agencies when they need to supplement their permanent workforce with short-term assistance. However, this does not mean that individuals will have no chance of finding a permanent placement with these services. Many contracting firms will use these services as a way of scouting for new talent. As a result, it can be common for promising workers to be offered permanent positions with these contracting firms. Ultimately, it will be up to the worker as to whether they must accept a permanent position with the contracting firm in question. 

Working in construction can be a rewarding career, but there are some misconceptions about the process of finding employment in this field. For example, many people might assume that only tradesmen and artisans can use construction job placement services, that these services charge workers high fees or that there will be no permanent opportunities. Once you know the truth about these beliefs, you can better decide how to use these services in your job search.