Purchasing A Gear Cutting Machine? 3 Types To Choose From

Posted on: 4 February 2020

A gear cutting machine is used to create gears. When it comes to these machines, you will find different types on the market. What you choose will depend on the process that you need to use. Below is more information about this to ensure you purchase the right gear cutting machine for your company.

Broaching Gear Cutting Machine

A broaching gear cutting machine would be the right choice if you need to create large gears. This type of gear cutting machine features a vertical rail and has only one tooth cutter to create the proper shape of the gear. The axis used for this gear cutting machine is generally a Y-axis, and it also uses a rotary table. The Y-axis determines how deep the cutting machine can cut. 

If you have to create a lot of gears quickly, a broaching gear cutting machine can do this for you. This machine is more expensive than other types.

Milling Gear Cutting Machine

A milling gear cutting machine uses more than one gear cutting and features a rotary table. When you purchase this machine, you can choose the amount of cutting that you need. This will be determined by the number of teeth that are on the gear that you are cutting. 

This type of gear cutting machine has rack shapers, which move only in one straight direction. These gear cutting machines can have up to 12 teeth. The amount you choose will depend on the type of gear you are making. This machine is generally used for medium-sized runs, as it will not run fast enough to handle a high amount of gears. 

Shaping Gear Cutting Machine

This is the oldest type of gear cutting machine that you will find on the market. This uses a special tool that is shaped like the gear that is being cut. There are also pinion cutters that feature a rotating axis.

Because this type of gear cutting machine is older, it will not run as fast as newer types. Because of this, a shaping gear cutting machine works best if you have low production runs. It will also work for medium runs but will not go as fast for you. 

The salesperson with the company where you purchase a gear cutting machine can give you many more details. This employee can also go over other types of gear cutting machines that can be found on the market.