Creating An Activity Package For Children With Anxiety

Posted on: 11 March 2020

Anxiety is often characterized as a negative response by the body to certain external stimuli. Stress and negative situations are thought to bring on anxiety in both adults and children. While it is true that stress can naturally cause anxiety, those who have anxiety disorders can start to feel as if they are experiencing a heart attack or pass out during an anxiety attack. Children and teens with an anxiety disorder will need specialized help in learning how to recognize the signs of an oncoming anxiety attack and how to calm themselves down during an anxious episode. If you want to give children something tangible in order to help with anxiety, here are a few items to put in an activity care package for children with anxiety. 

Colored soma cube

Getting your mind off of the stress or the anxiety trigger is the first focal point of helping with an anxiety disorder. When anxiety symptoms come on, such as sweaty palms and fast breathing, children having something to distract their mind from the negative thoughts is important. A colored soma cube offers an activity to do with the hands that involve the full attention of the mind. Picking up the soma cube and figuring out how to match all of the pieces and elements will offer occupation and give the child time to settle down. 

Detailed coloring books

A coloring book is one old method for getting children to settle in and focus on one particular goal. Coloring is a good way for children and teenagers alike to calm down their anxiety. Purchase coloring pages with many details, such as a garden with many flowers or a scenic background for the anxiety activity package. This will provide children with details to focus on that will overpower the feelings of anxiety. 

An electronic pocket pet

Pocket pets used to be popular during the early 2000s, but they are still available and useful now. Pocket pets are a self-contained electronic game that will offer the chance to take care of a virtual pet by feeding it, cleaning up after it, and playing games with it. Having something enjoyable to care for temporarily will help a child settle down and breathe, plus it provides an alternative responsibility outside of the stressor. The electronic game can also be easily attached to a belt loop or a key ring. The game can provide some electronic focus without the busyness or financial responsibility of a cellular phone. 

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