What Makes White Glove Moving Services Special?

Posted on: 27 June 2022

White glove moving is a luxurious moving service that applies extra attention and care to your items. White glove companies train their staff to handle high-end valuables beyond standard packing and moving procedures. Unlike traditional moving companies, they give more attention to safety than just a quick delivery. For example, they move with security guards to protect valuable items. They're ideal for high-end items like expensive furniture, antiques, musical instruments, art, wine and liquor collections, etc. Below is a comprehensive guide on why white glove moving services are unique.

They Move All Types of Goods

Items such as expensive jewelry pose a high risk of theft during transportation. Standard movers may not be willing to move them because they lack secure transport equipment or the goods are too expensive, and their insurance policy isn't enough to cover the items in case of damage or theft. On the other hand, white-glove movers take stringent security measures and comprehensive insurance policies to cover the valuable items they move. They guarantee you safe moving and compensation in case of any risk. Regarding delicate items, they use trucks with special padding and air-tight conditioning to ensure goods reach their destination in their best condition. Furthermore, they have permits to transport sensitive items like guns.

They Offer Services Beyond Loading and Unloading on the Moving Day 

Many tasks are involved when moving from one house to another beyond loading items and unloading them before and after they reach their destination. You have to clean and carefully pack them before movers load them in a truck. On the other end, there's the hectic work of cleaning the new building and putting items in order before settling in. Using the services of white gloves movers saves you from these hectic activities. Being a premium service, they do everything from scratch, including cleaning, packing, unpacking, and arranging items in your new environment. Thus, they enable you to settle in quickly and effortlessly.

They Provide Additional Storage Facility

You may find yourself in a situation where the facility you're relocating to doesn't have enough space to host all your items. That creates a situation where you'll have to stack items in limited space, risking damage and creating an odd look. White glove movers help you with the situation by providing temporary or long-term storage services in their facilities as you seek a solution. The stores are clean, have impeccable security features, a temperature-controlled environment, and full-time staff who help ensure your goods stay in the best condition. 

Take Away

Are you looking for a moving service to ferry your delicate and valuable items to your new location? If you're looking for white glove moving services, try these guys out to consult professional white glove movers and enjoy a secure and safe relocation.