4 Options To Consider When Buying Your First Refrigerated Trailer For Produce

Posted on: 23 August 2022

Perhaps you are starting a local business to distribute produce, or maybe you are expanding a business to include produce, but you are in need of one or more refrigerated trailers. If you have never been in the market for this specialized trailer, there are a few things you need to be aware of. The following are just a few of the options you should think about.

You need to think about your flooring

There are two types of flooring for your trailer that you need to consider: a flat floor or a duct floor. There are pros and cons to each type of floor. The duct floor is usually made of aluminum, and has channels that will allow airflow underneath your produce. This will be important but will depend upon how you're packing your produce. For example, when using wooden boxes, this type of floor will help with air circulation. The flat floor will handle more weight, but you will probably need to use crates loaded with forklifts, which will allow airflow underneath the crates. Flat floors cost more than duct floors, but the extra weight they can handle may be worth it.

You need to consider an airflow option

Refrigerator trailers often come with an option of fresh air. This is a vent in the front that opens and allows fresh air to flow through to the back. This is going to be important for certain produce that you may be hauling that doesn't need cold temperatures but does need airflow in the trailer. An example of this would be potatoes; they don't need refrigeration, but they do need a fresh flow of air. If you don't need refrigeration for certain types of produce, an airflow option can help keep your produce fresh.

You need to consider insulation for the walls

There are various insulation options available for these trailers. Thicker insulation is going to be more expensive, but you may not need it for your produce since thinner insulation may be enough. Keep in mind that the thicker installations will have better resale values when you go to sell your trailer.

You need to consider lighting

Most trailers have some form of basic lighting in the interior, but if you're going to be loading and unloading, either in the darkness of morning or night, there are additional lighting options for the interior of the trailer. Most of this lighting is LED and easy to install. There are also lighting options for the exterior of the trailer. Even though there are minimum standards by the Department of Transportation, you can have additional lighting on the trailer. This may be important for greater visibility during transportation at night and in the early morning.

There are several options to consider when buying your first refrigerated trailer. You will need to choose the type of flooring, a possible airflow option, the type of insulation, and decide on additional lighting. For more info, reach out to vendors of refrigerated trailers in your area.